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University Courses

Theatre Beyond Words is the resident theatre company of Brock University.  Our Artistic Directors have instructed courses in physical theatre at Brock for over a decade and more recently have begun instruction at Niagara University as well.  Below are the current course offerings taught by TBW’s Artistic Committee at these institutions.

Brock University

DART 2F04 - Introduction to Mime
Study and practice of some aspects of non-verbal theatre performance including mime techniques, mask, pantomime and improvisation. Theoretical component focusing on critical analysis. Development of the ability to express perceptions, both physically in the practical performance work, and verbally in the work on critical analysis.

Niagara University

THR 424 – Physical Theatre IV (Theatrical Clown and Collective Creation)
Developing a personal clown, a family of clowns and a clown play. Audition techniques from the visual perspective. Applying the techniques of clowning and improvisation to the creation of physically based dramatic narratives. The actor as creator.