About Us - Mandate/Mission


about-us--mandate-mission.jpgLegal Mandate

Theatre Beyond Words was incorporated with the mandate:

  • To produce and exhibit to the public theatrical performances and entertainments of all kinds, with particular emphasis on non-verbal, mime, physical, visual or image-based theatre.
  • To encourage, promote and educate people in theatrical and dramatic arts of all kinds.

Mission Statement

Our Mission for the next few years addresses the two major elements of our mandate within a modern context.

We aspire to create strong physical theatre for adult audeinces; theatre which incorporates universal themes that grow out of personal stories.  If we are true to the characters, then the stories resonate with people of all generations, across cultures and languages.  In our modern Canadian society, this is very important.  We are most interested in finding alternative and especially visual ways for people to communicate their experiences with each other when verbal language is not enough. 

We are also very committed to educating the public in our style of physical theatre and to mentoring emerging artists in the work ove visual play development, performance and touring.